3 Ways Hydration Packs Can Help You Go the Distance

Building endurance for cycling, running, hiking and other sports take a lot of effort, and for most amateur and professional athletes, hydration can be a problem. That's why you need a hydration pack. Any advantage that you can give yourself will help you reach your goals and stay healthy.

If you're not sure whether a hydration pack is a right solution for you, check out these three benefits to help you make that choice.

You Stay Hydrated to Avoid Health Problems

Dehydration isn't something you want to mess around with during endurance sports. As your body loses moisture, you put yourself at risk of serious health problems, including seizures, low blood volume shock, and heatstroke. Drinking water throughout exercise replaces lost fluids, so you stay properly hydrated.

Frequent dehydration can also cause long-term health problems. You may not notice them for years, but they will happen if you don't keep yourself hydrated. For instance, if you don't replace lost moisture, there is a good chance you will develop painful kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that kidney stones aren't a serious problem. While most people don't need surgery to remove the stones, they often discover that the mineral deposits can cause severe pain and blood in the urine. Ouch! Just stay hydrated, so you never have to worry about those issues.

Remember: if you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated.

You Can Carry a Drink That's Right for You

Water works great for most forms of exercise. If you're heading out for a 5k run, you probably don't need to carry a sports drink. People who participate in endurance sports, though, often spend more than an hour sweating as they move toward their goal. When you lose that many fluids, you will want to choose a sports drink that includes electrolytes. A water fountain isn't going to get the job done.

The Foxelli Hydration System lets you carry up to 70 fluid ounces (two liters) of your favorite drink. Before you pour water into the BPA-free bladder, mix in a sports drink powder that will add electrolytes and flavor. Brands like Gatorade, Gu and Powerade, make powders that can help keep your body hydrated for hours. The extra calories can also give you a performance boost, so you don't lose energy halfway through your activity.

You Don't Have to Interrupt Your Exercise to Take a Drink

You may find it hard to stay motivated while participating in a strenuous activity. Some people think short breaks will help them stay fresh, letting them jump back into the race or hit the trail with renewed enthusiasm. For most people, though, taking a break makes it even harder for them to stay focused.

When you stop running, hiking or cycling for a few minutes, your brain and body start to whisper discouraging things that make you want to take a seat and stay there. After all, no one is going to make you keep going. It's your choice. Taking a break can remind you that you could just stop right now to prevent further discomfort.

Hydration packs help you avoid this situation. Since you don't have to stop to take a drink, you keep your mind focused on the task at hand. Just take a sip from your pack and keep moving!

Don't let hydration get between you and your athletic goals. Strap on a comfortable hydration pack so you can go the distance even when other people give up. 

Try Foxelli Hydration Pack! You’ll love it.





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