Prevent Joint Pain and Increase Stability, Overall Health With Trekking Poles

Avid hikers, adventurous trekkers and urban walkers alike can all benefit from the health benefits provided by trekking poles. Over time, the effects of bad posture, joint pressure, and improper balance can take a toll on any hiking enthusiast, leaving them to look for a solution that not only decreases the risk of pain and injury but increases strength and conditioning.

Therefore, as popularity increases and research develops on the benefits of trekking poles, it is important to understand how to use them to best reap the benefits of such an advantageous tool.

Posture, Stability & Balance

Every hiker knows that when carrying large loads on a rugged terrain, posture often suffers. The added weight of backpacks and gear creates a higher center of gravity, which in turn amplifies any slight change in balance. This can be very dangerous for a hiker on uneven terrain or severe weather conditions.

Utilizing carbon fiber trekking poles allow you to adjust to these conditions by increasing support and enabling your back to correct for poor posture created by added weight.

These poles provide four points of contact on the ground rather than two, increasing stability while also forcing you to walk in a more upright position. What this does is open up your chest to allow for easier breathing and prevent aches and pains in your back and shoulders. When your lungs can reach greater capacity, and your spine is working to strengthen your muscles, cardiopulmonary function and endurance are also increased.

This increased safety is what Foxelli Trekking Poles are all about. They include heavy duty four-season accessories and a tungsten carbide tip that allows you to enjoy the sport, whether you're climbing icy mountains or taking a leisurely urban stroll, without worrying about back pain or loss of stability.

Joint Protection

Trekking poles can be a very important tool for hikers, as they reduce the strain and force of gravity on your lower extremities, particularly the knees when hiking downhill. During this process, your knees act as brakes, slowing your body down and placing more strain on the quadricep muscles.

Utilizing trekking poles helps to reduce this strain on knees and other joints during descents by redistributing the load more evenly throughout your body. In fact, a study in The Journal of Sports Medicine found that trekking poles can reduce compressive force on the knees by up to 25 percent, and other studies suggest that poles can reduce pressure up to 30 tons less over a full day's hike, which equals the weight of about six elephants! However, it is important to note that not all trekking poles are created alike.

For additional aid in reducing shock and pressure on joints, carbon fiber trekking poles are recommended, as they are made from ultralight, 100 percent carbon fiber material designed to minimize the impact on joints and absorb noise. This increases traction, which helps to maintain your balance and in turn aids in the absorbance of shock and impact on your legs, knees, ankles, and feet.

Reduced Swelling

Many hikers know the pain of swelling in their hands and fingers. After about an hour or two of hiking, your fingers can turn into little sausages that feel like they are about to burst from the pressure. Trekking poles prevent this type of swelling.

Poles allow your body to create a rhythmic movement of your hands and arms that stimulate the pumping of blood in the extremities. Gently and continuously pumping your muscles increases blood flow and reduces swelling that can lead to conditions such as arm lymphedema.

The correct usage of poles requires that your hands be at a level above your heart, which is known to improve circulation and reduce your heart rate. This, in combination with the rhythmic movement created from moving your arms to navigate the poles, can also lead to a more regulated breathing pace, as well as increased stamina over time.

Fat Burning

Trekking poles are known to increase fat burning, as the arm movement aids in a full-body workout rather than keeping your arms at your side. If you are utilizing poles correctly, you are moving your body from the shoulders as well as the elbows, effectively creating a full body workout that engages muscles you wouldn't otherwise engage without the use of poles.

Because you are moving more of your body, you are burning more calories! In fact, research shows that you can burn 20 percent more calories while using trekking poles.

Foxelli's specially designed trekking poles not only increase fat burning but are also designed with you in mind, weighing only 7 oz. so as to reduce arm fatigue and allow you to move quicker. When you can go the extra mile and get there quicker, burning fat seems like less of a chore.

Go the Extra Distance & Get There Faster

You want to enjoy doing what you love, and trekking poles allow you to do just that. Reduced strain on joints and muscles, improved posture, and overall body strengthening allow you to enjoy hiking without fear of injury or fatigue. Increased cardiopulmonary function and full-body strengthening allow you improve at doing what you love.

Foxelli's Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles include everything a hiker needs to stay safe -- natural cork grips, lightweight poles, 100 percent shock-absorbent carbon fiber material, fast lock mechanism and collapsible, comfortable hand straps.

To prevent joint pain and increase stability and overall health, start using trekking poles --Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles.

Try Foxelli Trekking Poles! You’ll love it.

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